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Romantic-Utopian Hulahoopist, Andréanne wants to Meet people, audienceS.

It’s after her degree in Social Work that she decides to dedicates herself to circus arts; a universe she sees like a way to create a contact with the people to transform the reality and bring magic moments. She combines her interests by getting involved with Clowns Without Borders Canada. This adventure brought her to work a couple of times in Haïti and with natives children in Quebec.

On her way, she met the Dream hunters, a stilt-walkers / puppeters company, with who she made her first big footsteps until flying on sublime birds wings.

During the 2009 and 2010 summer, she had been invited to participate to the street event «Les chemins invisibles» of Cirque du soleil.

One day she lay hands on hula hoops and since then, she never stopped to make them turn.

She actually presents her Hula Hoop Act in differents cabarets and events as presenting a longer and interactive form for the street and festivals.

Always in pursuit of an universal language she completed studies at l’École Internationale de Théâtre Lassaad in Brussels.

Her extrovertimidity charms the audience and makes it travel inside a soft and frivolous lightness filled of tenderness and amazing feats.

She dreams to play her act on a grand piano.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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